Replit's Community is a place where you can share all of the amazing projects you create on Replit! There's a lot to discover and do here, so we'll help you get started.

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Community Values

Empower others. Replit is for everyone, and everyone starts somewhere. Be patient and inclusive - things that are simple for you may be hard for others. We have absolute beginners and coding experts on our platform, and we want everyone to feel at home here.

Support one other. As part of the Replit Community, we hope you'll share your wins so other members can celebrate you and that you'll return the favor by supporting other users' work through likes, follows, and comments.

Be kind. There is no place for hate in our community. Respect each other, use appropriate language, and be kind. Be positive, and always be sure to reinforce that coding on Replit is a fun and friendly experience.

Getting Started

Publishing your first Repl to the community is easy, and it's explained in detail in our documentation.

After you've published a Repl, you may find it featured on our Community page. This page contains a feed of recently published content that you can sort in several ways, and also enables you to discover content by searching and browsing popular tags.

Community Standards

Replit is for everyone. To ensure that everyone feels welcome and safe here, we require all users to agree to our Community Standards.

If you find any Repls, posts, or comments that violate these standards, you can report them by clicking on the three dots next to the Repl's title or comment and selecting "Report".


To report a user who has been harassing a lot of people, you can report them using this link on their profile:


Be Kind

Coders of all levels are creating on Replit!

Comments are a great place to offer support, ask questions, share ideas, help a new user, geek out about a shared interest, or provide constructive feedback!

Comments are not the place to be mean or sarcastic about someone's programming skills or project. If you see anyone bullying or spamming others in the comments, you should report them.

Comments, posts, or Repls that go against this standard will be removed from Community and the users will be issued a warning.

Keep it appropriate

Content that makes other community members feel uncomfortable or unwelcome such as swearing, nudity, violent, or graphic content is strictly disallowed.

Any form of content that is found violating this rule will be removed from the community and the creator of such content will either be warned or banned from the community.

No bullying

There is no place for hate in our community. Respect each other, use appropriate language, and be kind. We do not tolerate targeting any person or group of people for any reason whatsoever. Any abusive or threatening writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially based on race, religion, or sexual orientation goes against our community standards.

We remove any comment, post, or Repl containing hate speech from our Community and ban the offending users (after which they can appeal, more details about this at the end).

No advertising or spamming

We hope all of our users will become dazzlingly wealthy someday, but please don't advertise your wares by sharing links or spamming in comments or posts unless you have specific permission from the author of the post's author.

We remove comments and posts like this and issue a warning to the offending users. After a second warning, the users will be permanently banned from Community.

No illegal or regulated content

Please don't use Replit for promoting or engaging in any illegal activity, even unintentionally. This includes dealing in drugs, sex, gambling, weapons, or pirated software.

Don't misuse the service

Do not share content that can harm other users, such as spam, malware, or phishing. We also don't allow Repls that consume too many resources, such as spam bots and cryptocurrency miners. Making multiple copies of the same Repl to run in parallel is also counted as misuse of resources.


Everyone can and should code, but Replit is only available to users above the age of 13. This is due to COPPA regulations.

Any users presumed to be under the age of 13 will be temporarily banned from Replit and can appeal by offering proof of their age.

Some other things to remember

Our Community Standards are based in part on Replit's Terms of Service, which are a more detailed legal document that everyone must follow anytime they use the site.

Thank you for helping us make our Community a safe and creative place!

Warnings and Bans

There are three kinds of actions that can be taken by moderators in response to users breaking the rules.


The user will be warned for breaking minor rules. Three warnings for a similar violation will usually lead to further action being taken, such as a community ban or suspension, or in more serious cases, a site-wide ban.


There are two kinds of bans - community and site-wide. When the user is banned from the community, they will not be able to create any posts or comments and they will also be unable to share their Repls with the community. However, they will still be allowed to use the online IDE and create new stuff.

A first community bans is usually temporary. A temporary ban, also known as a suspension, will be automatically lifted after a period notified to the user. A user can also appeal the ban early if they believe that it was imposed by mistake (more details below). A second community ban will usually be permanent.

When someone is banned site-wide, their account will be terminated, and all of their Repls will be taken down and deleted. Banned users may no longer access the online IDE and any code they may have written, the Community, and they will be barred participation in any future events organized by Replit.

Additional information

If anyone believes a moderator has taken any unfair action towards them, they can appeal appeals@replit.com.

If you have found an exploit, please share the details with security@replit.com. Exploiting and causing problems for others can also lead to you getting site-wide banned.

If you have found a bug or have any feedback for us, we are always curious about how to improve Replit, so reach out to us by clicking on the ? icon in the bottom right of the sidebar and choosing Contact support.

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